Importance of turning things in on time

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Importance of turning things in on time

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Contact Me Tisquantum "Squanto" Tisquantum was a native of Patuxet, living at present-day Plymouth; the Patuxet belonged to the Wampanoag confederation. Nothing is really known about Squanto's early life. His history picks up inwhen Captain John Smith and some of other ships under his command arrived to map Cape Cod and vicinity.

John Smith is perhaps better known for having been rescued by Pocahontas at the Jamestown Colony several years earlier. After Smith completed his exploration and mapping of the harbors, he departed, leaving behind an associate, Thomas Hunt, to trade with the Indians.

John Smith had hopes of founding a plantation in New England, and so wanted to engage the Indians in trade. Thomas Hunt, however, had other plans. Offering to trade beaver, Hunt lured 24 Nauset and Patuxet Indians onboard his ship and took them captive. John Smith would later write that Master Hunt "most dishonestly, and inhumanely, for their kind usage of me and all our men, carried them with him to Malaga, and there for a little private gain sold those silly salvages for rials of eight.

The Importance of Age 50

But when some local Friars in Malaga discovered that they had been brought from America, they took custody of the remaining Indians, and instructed them in the Christian faith.

As Sir Ferdinando Gorges states, the Friars "so disappointed this unworthy fellow of the hopes of gain he conceived to make by this new and devilish project. English and French ships visiting Plymouth and Cape Cod were no longer welcomed with profitable beaver trade, as an unwitting French captain and crew would discover inwhen their ship was burned and almost everyone killed a few were enslaved by the Nauset.

In anda devastating plague, described variously in historical sources as either tuberculosis or smallpox and perhaps a combination of bothwiped out the entire village at Patuxet, and many surrounding areas were heavily hit.

One Patuxet did survive, however: He had somehow found himself passage from Malaga, Spain into England, where he began living with John Slaney in Cornhill, London, and began picking up the English language.

John Slaney was the treasurer of the Newfoundland Company which had managed to place a colony at Cupper's Cove CupidsNewfoundland in ; he employed Tisquantum, presumably as an interpreter and as an expert on North American natural resources.

While in Newfoundland, Tisquantum encountered a ship's captain by the name of Thomas Dermer, who had worked with Captain John Smith, perhaps even on the mapping expedition in which Squanto had been originally taken.

Dermer was employed by the New England Company, headed by Sir Ferdinando Gorges; they still had hopes to profit from beaver trade with the Indians of Massachusetts: Thomas Dermer recognized that Tisquantum, who had now been living with Englishmen for a number of years, could act as an interpreter and peacemaker between the English and the still-enraged Indians of Patuxet and Nauset.

He sent a letter off to Sir Ferdinando Gorges expressing the good use Tisquantum could be put to, and Gorges had them come back to England to discuss their plans. InCaptain Dermer and Tisquantum set off for New England, to attempt to make peace and re-establish trade with the Indians, and to map out the natural resources that could be exploited by the Company.

But upon arriving, they discovered Tisquantum's town, all the Patuxet, were dead from the plague. He did make contact with Massasoit, and his brother Quadequina, the heads of the Wampanoag Confederation, and in the absence of his own people he took up residence with them.

Their plan to make peace foiled by the fact that Tisquantum's tribe had been completely wiped out, Dermer continued on to see if he could make peace with the Nauset. He was attacked and taken captive.

Tisquantum, hearing about the incident, came to Dermer's rescue and negotiated his release. Dermer would continue on south without Tisquantum, where he was attacked again at Martha's Vineyards.Time they could have turned into money, or simply used for the things important to them.

In coming to meet you at the agreed upon hour, they may have made sacrifices – woken up early, cut short their workout, told their kid they couldn’t read a story together – and your lateness negates those sacrifices.

Importance of turning things in on time

A. A1C A form of hemoglobin used to test blood sugars over a period of time. ABCs of Behavior An easy method for remembering the order of behavioral components: Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence. Today we will explore why it is so important to be on time for all of your scheduled events.

Whatever your appointment may be—a phone call, a business meeting, or a dinner engagement—you should always strive to be on time. The Career-leaning NETWORK page 1 the story engaging a debate ‘Community interaction’ is the phrase used to refer to how people manage careers in a social context.

Importance of turning things in on time

It was introduced into what was - and still is - an ongoing debate. Tisquantum was a native of Patuxet, living at present-day Plymouth; the Patuxet belonged to the Wampanoag confederation. Nothing is really known about Squanto's early life. Jun 13,  · Why is it important to hand in work ON TIME?

Let me give you an example that might shed some light on why turning in something on time is important. Let's say that you did turn in all of your work to your geography teacher on time.

The school year ends. You get your report Resolved.

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